Sunday, July 24, 2011

Novi Sad & Subotica

It has been easy to see why Novi Sad is one of Serbia's main tourist draws. Great buildings, a lovely setting on the Danube, and an imposing fortress overlooking it all. One noticable thing about NS after traveling the region is the obvious level of civic pride and attendant local government. There is little trash on the streets, public spaces have lovely flower beds, and the city is in the midst of constructing an expansive multipurpose trail along the Danube.

Yesterday we made a day trip to Subotica (Suh boe teet sah) a charming, largely Hungarian town near the Magyar border. It has an abundance of secessionist buildings but was very sleepy on a Sunday morning. We ate an absurdly large, tasty and inexpensive Hungarian meal topped off with a remarkable apricot rakija, which seemed to linger with fruit for a full minute after each sip. And we did manage to pick up some paprika and a few souveniers as well.

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