Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Nikšić (Back in Real Time)

After wondering at the beauty of Durmitor National Park here in Montenegro, we decided to pay a visit to the Mrs family in Nikšić (Nik-shich). Nikšić is famous for two things - the hometown of my father-in-law as well as Nikšicko Pivo, a tasty and popular beer throughout Southeastern Europe. Interestingly, we are visiting the family of my wife's father's cousin, who she hasn't met since she was five, yet the Montenegrin hospitality was in full effect as our hosts treated us to a lovely meal and company last night. Unfortunately, the grandmother here in Nikšić passed away earlier this year, but we are staying in her apartment while we rest up, visit with family, and do some laundry. Nikšić does not have any notable tourist sights per se, but it is a pleasant place, nestled in the mountains, with a lively pedestrian promenade.
* * * * * *
Perhaps most interesting of this stop is that one of our hosts here climbed Mount Everest in 1996. I've never met someone who has been on the mountain, but he regrettably had to turn back a mere forty meters from the summit. But even more interesting, he climbed down days before the famed 1996 Everest Disaster, spending his time at base camp with some of the eleven people killed. (The IMAX film of the event is very good as well.) A fascinating bit of history, and an unexpected but welcome experience.

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