Sunday, July 17, 2011

montenegro crna gora black mountain

Another nook post but montenegro has been too brilliant to keep in. A kayak trip on kotor bay is a lovely experience, a tranquil bay surrounded by towns with towering churches and red ceramic tiled roofed houses. From there we daytripped to the old montenegro capital of cetinje (tse tin jeh) with some quiet museums and sleepy charm. We ended the day on the shores of the largest lake in the balkans, where we started the day following for a boat trip on lake skadar and river crnojevica. Another bus dropped us off at the side of the highway where we grabbed a taxi to the mysterious ostrog monestary, built into a rock face high on an eponymous montenrgrin mountain. We now find ourselves in durmitor national park, perhaps best described as this country's yosemite. One of these days I will find a way go update with more details and pics.

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