Monday, August 1, 2011

Another Communist-Era Hotel

This one is the Hotel Zlatibor in Užice (OO-zheet-seh). Notable for its views, it's greyness, it's scary, dark lobby, it's terrifying, tiny elevator, and the flickering horror-movie lights in the hallways. It towers over the town's *empty main square. The Hotel Vrbak it is not.

Friendly enough staff though, and the room was weird but well enough kept. Strange thing for a guy from a country a bit obsessed with safety is that on the 13th floor, there were no screens of anything else to keep one from jumping/falling out a window.

We were only spending the night in Užice as a jumping off point for the Šargan Eight railway in nearby Mokra Gora, so it did serve its purpose. I should have a post soon on the railway.

Nice view, though, as I mentioned.

*In Yugoslav times, the town was known as Titova Užice, and the main square contained a statue commemorating the Partizan victory over Fascism. In fact, in 1941, Tito's partizans drove the Nazis out of Užice for several months while residents lived in the ill-fated Užice Republic until the Germans again regained control. Unfortunately, while the square is still named for the heroic Partizans, the statute of Tito has been removed with nothing left to replace it to honor this historic and heroic event.

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